5 Ways to Get in to See the Specialist When They Say "No!"

5 Ways to Get in to See the Specialist When They Say "No!"

Supermoms do not usually take no for an answer. We know how to get what we want for our kids. Sold out Disney on Ice – got it. Special flavor of ice cream your store no longer carries – found it. Purple tennis shoes that light up AND have Velcro – bought them weeks ago.

Squeeze in for appointment at the specialist when the pediatrician refers you – um, wait. What do you mean, no?! Not every doctor or specialist has as flexible of a schedule as the pediatrician, especially when they are the best in the state. And, you want the best, right?!

1.   Be as polite as possible and ask if you can get little Susie in any sooner because fill-in-the-blank-excuse.

2.   Ask your pediatrician if her staff can get you in any sooner than the 6 week wait that you were just given.

3.   Call and asked to be placed on a “cancellation list”. Who knew these even existed? Let them know that you are very flexible and will take any time slot.

4.   Call every day, mid-morning, and ask if they can possibly squeeze little Susie in that day. You’d think this would be annoying, but I have it on good authority from a front desk person that it happens all the time and is not the least bit annoying.

5.   When all else fails, beg, cry and plead for your baby. Healthcare should not be like this in this day and age, but, when it comes to specialists, it is.