8 St. Patrick's Day Activities

8 St. Patrick's Day Activities

SuperMom is not necessarily Irish, but she likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with her kids. If you need a little help on how to do this, read on:

1.    Dress Up. Wear green so you don’t get pinched or grab that “Kiss Me” t-shirt out of your closet and stand tall.

2.    Make and decorate some sugar cookies. If you’ve got a cookie cutter shaped like a four-leaf clover, great. If not, grab the green frosting and sprinkles and go to town.

3.    Run to the library and borrow a book about the story of St. Patrick. It’s an interesting read. For older siblings, you can research famous Irish-Americans, like Kennedy family comes to mind, of course.

4.    Throw a corned beef in the crock pot. People just don’t make corned beef anymore and it really is good. Be sure to save the leftovers for a wicked corned beef has in the a.m. Wait until they leave for school, no need to share that one. What?

5.    If you are Irish, talk about your family history. Pull out the ole photo album. If you’re not, talk about what it meant to be Irish in America anyway.

6.    Grab all the green markers, pens, crayons and glitter for a monochromatic art project. Hunt down green felt, puff balls and construction paper and go to town.

7.    Printables rock. Check online for any St.Patrick’s Day printables, coloring sheets or search-a-words.

8.    Take some pictures with your handy camera and make St. Patrick’s Day cards to send off to Grandma.