How a Super Mom Survives Summer

How a Super Mom Survives Summer

It's Never Too Early to Start Planning

OK. Once your kids are older you can send them off to a faraway state, like Maine, for 8 long weeks of summer camp and some well-deserved rest. The rest is for Super Mom. If your kids are little, however, this does not work. Camp counselors do not change diapers. So, you need to get a little more creative to avoid that dreaded, “I’m bored” whine!

Here’s the plan. Depending on where you live and your school district, there are 10 -12 weeks of summer vacation. That’s a lot of time to fill without the help of a camp or two. Why not schedule a day camp every other week? They are not terribly expensive. Heck, it’s probably cheaper than having them home. And, you can schedule in some really fun and educational activities.

Everyone from the zoo to the local museums has a summer camp offering. Call around and see what you can find out. In addition, there are day camps dedicated to just about every sports and school subject you can think of, from math to soccer. Get creative. Would your child like to try their hand at mixed media art pieces or learning Mandarin? What about a space camp, golf or even cooking? The possibilities are endless.

Now, here’s where you need to pull out that Super Mom cape… some of these camps fill up by the end of January. Yes. Yes, it is very early. Luckily for your kids, they have an unber-prepared Super Mom, like you, who knows how to plan in advance.