Quick - One Last Chance to See the Holiday Lights at Your Zoo

Quick - One Last Chance to See the Holiday Lights at Your Zoo

What kid wouldn’t want to wander around the zoo at night? What kid doesn’t love holiday light displays? Leave it to a SuperMom to bundle it altogether into one. Hey – it’s not just the cable company that knows a thing or two about bundling. Entre Zoolights.

Oh, alright. This SuperMom did not invent the concept of ZooLights. Not even close.  In fact, most of the larger zoos around the country have something similar at the holidays each year, albeit with a slightly different name.  What a great idea, both for families with kids and for fundraising for the zoo.

Bundle everyone up. Pack some hot cocoa in a thermos and away you go. For younger kids, bring a wagon filled with pillows and blankets. Even if you have the older ones, pack some extra cozy blankets for the ride home. They may pretend it is so uncool but, secretly, they will know you are a SuperMom.

Most shows start around 6pm, when it starts to get dark, and are a separate admission. In fact, the Phoenix Zoo actually closes at 5pm, moves everyone out and then re-opens at 6pm. Yes, you have to leave for an hour and then pay again, even members.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned lately that SuperMoms are also SuperSavers? If you want to wear the cape in your household, be sure to get a membership to your family’s favorite places. A membership is usually tiwce the cost of admission for a family of four. It makes no sense, really. Pay to enter twice or pay almost the same amount to go any time you want for a year. Hmmmm…check it out for yourself.

Hurry – the lights come down mid-January.