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Birthday Wishes SuperMom Style

Every kid has big dreams for their birthday. They have a list of toys a mile long. They want to invite every kid in their school (more presents that way). They want to have The. Most. Amazing. Party. E.V.E.R.

Supermoms instinctively know this. We are, however, bound by the limits of our budget, time, feasibility, legality and the laws of physics. Beyond that, we got it covered.

Here is my latest challenge. My soon-to-be 6 year old wants, and I quote…

“To go on an archeological dig, find a dinosaur bone, take pictures with it and then donate it to a museum, as long as they put my name on a plaque on the wall…”

Tall order, but do-able. I have 2 options:

1.    An aunt in a neighboring state lives next door to a facility that lets kids actually dig for dinosaur bones and, afterwards, tour their previous finds in the on-site museum. Sure, it’s an overnight trip for us, but it’d be an adventure.

2.    Our local Natural Science Museum’s membership plans include an upgraded option that allows you one behind-the-scenes tour with a staff member as a thank you for your generous donation. It’s slightly more than the standard family membership, but no more than what I would pay if I were throwing a regular party this year at, say, a bounce house place.

How have you saved the day in the birthday party department? Did you wear your SuperMom cape while doing it?! Yes, SuperMoms rock!